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If you are planning to look for double glazing in Telford in the future or its something you are interested in at the minute then why not give Safeguard a call to arrange for a hassle free quote.  At Safeguard we have an extremely high success rate of happy customers giving excellent feedback, you will be confident that when you choose any product from Safeguard you will have peace of mind and exceptional value, this is backed up by our 10 year guarantee and all products.

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About Safeguard Windows and Doors

Here at Safeguard we have an extensive range with brilliant quality materials used in all of our uPVC windows, all of our products available are versatile, durable and virtually maintenance free making them perfect for both modern and classic homes. Our qualified team will make the difference you want to your home giving you expert advice you want on what products would suit you and your home best.

When looking for double glazing in Telford Safeguard not only makes a difference to your home but also your wallet saving you money on your energy bills whilst helping with saving the planet. When you have your new double glazing installed you will notice a huge difference in the noise volume form the outside when in your home, also keeping the warm air inside your home and the cold air outside.

Double glazing works by keeping a layer of air between the two panes, this air is a very poor conductor of heat, using this with glass which is a good conductor it stops the heat from going straight out of the window. Not only helping with energy bills and noise levels our double glazing also comes with a variety of security features, this not only protects you and all of your belongings, more importantly it gives you the peace of mind you deserve.

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Here at Safeguard windows we treat all our customers with the consideration you deserve. We know that having the work done to your home can be a scary process therefore all of our expert window fitters will install your new windows or doors with minimal disruption to you and your home. Look no further for double glazing in Telford, call Safeguard today.

“I had all my windows fitted 9 April 2010 and I’m very happy with the installation and service I received from Safeguard UK windows. I’m very pleased with the work done and the quality of the windows. I would defiantly recommend safeguard UK to family and friends.”